One of the best ways to teach kids ABCs and 123 numbers is through fun games that are educational and entertaining!

FirstCry PlayBees offers perfect kid’s home-schooling apps that help them interactively develop amazing skills. These apps contain 1000+ Preschool activities for kids and toddlers to learn with rhymes, stories, and games. Turn your kid's screen time into fun educational time!

Huge Collection of:

Kids Learning Games

Fun puzzles and memory games for babies and toddlers to learn their first words, ABC alphabet, 123 numbers, animals, fruits, and vegetables.

Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs

Classic Nursery Rhymes and baby lullabies like "Old Mac Donald Had A Farm", "Hey Diddle, Diddle", "Row Row Row Your Boat", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "Hush Little Baby", "Ba, Ba Black Sleep" and more.


A vast collection of stories, flipbooks that consists of popular fables and fairy tales. These storybooks for children are audiobooks with a read-out-loud feature and have beautiful characters to hold onto your kid's attention.

ABC & 123 Numbers

Kids can learn to read, trace and pronounce ABCs, 123 numbers. They also learn to count, do addition and subtraction easily with fun activities and games.

Note to Parents:

We at FirstCry PlayBees are on a mission to provide every kid out there, including ours, the best platform possible when it comes to education and entertainment. We are constantly evolving and have built amazing apps for preschool toddlers that are easy to use and fun to engage with. Children enjoy learning while they play. Keeping this in mind we have designed our content that warrants kids to be creative and puts their intelligence to test with puzzles, memory games, brainteasers, classic old rhymes and songs, creatively crafted stories, books, and matching games!

Toddlers will love to learn as our content engages them in fun puzzles, tracing, popping & splashing games. Classic old rhymes will take all the parents down the memory lane while helping your kid understand how language works and identify sounds.

Academic growth, social development, and skill-building are important, hence we keep these areas in mind and make the experience a memorable one by combining fun educational content with innovative gameplay, creative graphics & soothing sounds.

Parents should encourage their children to play educational games on daily basis with smart apps for early learning.

FirstCry PlayBees app is Ads free - for the safety of kids!

FirstCry PlayBees App for iOS - iPhone and iPad
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FirstCry PlayBees App for iOS - iPhone and iPad
FirstCry PlayBees App for Android - Google PlayStore