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We at FirstCry PlayBees are on a mission to provide every kid out there, including ours, the best platform possible when it comes to Education and Entertainment. We are constantly evolving and have built amazing apps for Kids, Toddlers and Preschoolers that are easy to use and fun to engage with. Kids are meant to having fun while they learn, keeping this in mind we have designed our content that warrants kids to be creative and puts their intelligence to test with puzzles, memory games, classic old rhymes, creatively crafted stories, Books and matching games!

We believe that learning must be fun, engaging, and of high quality. We are in constant pursuit of making our content both constructive and exciting, so that kids will come back to our app again and again, retaining their knowledge and refining their skills during the process. FirstCry PlayBees: Play & Learn is a safe, inclusive and creates a learning environment that aims to help kids reach their true potential.

Kids will love to learn as our content engages them in fun and brain-teasing puzzles, tracing, popping & splashing games. Classic old rhymes will take all the parents down the memory lane while helping your kid understand how language works and identify sounds. Throughout their journey, the kids are guided by 5 of our adorable and charming characters - Joe, Emma, Tia, James and Opa!

Academic growth, Social development and Skill building is of paramount importance to us, but we also keep in mind that every kid is imaginative and tries to express in his or her own ways, hence we target all of these areas and make the experience a memorable one by combining Fun educational content with innovative gameplay, creative graphics and cheerful sounds.

Parents would love to have FirstCry PlayBees: Play & Learn on their phones as it is the best go to app for their kid's Education and Entertainment. Certain features of the app are gated by a parental lock which gives the liberty to the parents to control their kid's playtime thus making this app safe for kids of all ages!

All our Apps are free to download and are 100% Ad free.