Nikita Nel
South Africa

We've been using PlayBees to build Madison's vocabulary & word recognition. She has great time learning about everything from sea animals to body parts. We love to see her make the real connections to words.


Kathleen May Navarra

I recently found that Ali, who is only 22 months is good at puzzles & pooping balloons. Puzzles is Ali'd favourite. She also likes activities, baby songs, rhymes and story books which are great for kids 0-6 years old!


Charu Bhartia

PlayBees app helps kids learn alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours, fruits, vegetables and so much more! The app offers many flip books & read aloud story books for popular fairy tales & kids stories with morals.


Puja Bhandari (Jain)

FirstCry PlayBees aap is best app I have come across for toddlers age 0-5 years old. One of the best ways to teach kids their first ABC's and 123 numbers is through fun games that are educational and entertaining!


Leiann Cadywould
United Kindom

Lincoln has really improved in letter recognition & phonics with this app. Itโ€™s been brilliant for his brain development and recognition. You can set the age of your child for difficulty levels. We love it so far!

Christine Joy Pingol

I have found an all in one educational app that has variety of activities that are fun. What I love about this app is they have mini-games, stories and rhymes. It teaches moral values and helps Mira to read!


Kanika Bhatia

Your little ones will surely enjoy learning with 1000+ games, rhymes, storybooks. I find it easy to navigate and like when my daughter listens to stories of her choice without my involvement. Best educational app!


Kammille H. Maligaya

Teach kids ABC's, numbers, first words with fun activities. Toddlers up-to 5 years age can learn to read stories, trace alphabet, colour animals! Lance's favourite game is the Easter eggs, fix the fruits & veggies!


Annie Sharma

My baby has become fond of number games. She listens to 123 songs, repeats after it and tries to complete puzzle. She has started counting on her own. Her favourite is 'Jhonny, Jhonny, Yes Papa', 'Finger Song'!


Anupreet Kaur

This great app is ads free & safe to use for kids. It helped me turn my kids screen time into learning time. It comprises of almost everything. I am happy that kids have started learning so many things so easily.


Sarah Mae Morales

FirstCry PlayBees app is a very helpful app for preschoolers. It has nursery rhymes, abcs, 123, shapes, animals, colours, fables that kids love playing. My Daughter, Sam, really loves the stories & solar system.



Viransh is learning English through this app. You can also change the age between ๐Ÿฌ-๐Ÿฎ, ๐Ÿฎ-๐Ÿฐ, ๐Ÿฐ-๐Ÿฒ ๐˜†๐—ฒ๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐˜€ ๐—ผ๐—น๐—ฑ to tailor fit the content. Just search for PlayBees on Play Store/App Store to start learning.


Sarrah Jane

It gives us more mom-and-daughter bonding time. I would sing along with her, read flip books, help her play games. We listen to stories together. She has just started learning and there is so much to explore!


Rituka Bagri

PlayBees has storybooks to teach kids how to read, learn pronunciations, spellings, word usage. There are character building stories to teach morals, good habits. For older kids, there is basic math, add, subtract!


Nidhi Agrawal

I love the graphics and picturesque of the app. My kid enjoys learning alphabet, watching rhymes, stories. He also loves the pop balloon game. It is available on android & iOS. Try this for kids early learning.


Reggiebel Buduan

Things I love about FirstCry PlayBees app is It help kids to learn and grow, it is made for kids age 0-6 years old, it has parental locks, they have read aloud storybooks, It's easy to navigate, you should try!


United Kindom

So far we have watched humpty dumpy about a 100 times! Bright colourful, musical rhymes that toddlers love, along with books (Learn to read). There are many games that Oscar could manage to play on his own.


Mary Magdalene Mengullo

FirstCry PlayBees app is perfect for our kids screen time. It has educational games, popular nursery rhymes, baby lullabies, fun activities to learn, read, trace English alphabet and numbers. Kids learn a lot!


Phervil Tenorio

My little one loves popping balloons game and singing the nursery rhymes. It is of really big help for us parents to have an app with loads of activities. Thanks to PlayBees, the kids are busy & we can have some time!



My favourite thing about the app is it's kids safe & ads free, I don't have to worry about Bumui getting scared or redirected to unwanted tabs. She uses 4-6 years section & plays puzzle games & finger family song!


Unis Nadar

They have educational stories & flip books. My baby loved the Egg cracking game and Balloon bursting game a lot. I was happy to see her enjoy & learn at the same time. She loves rhyme sand enjoys baby songs!


Mary Janzhel Madriaga

Play-based learning is done through guided play. It keeps motivates kids and allows them to enjoy while learning. PlayBees allows kids to learn ABCs & numbers in a fun way with games, nursery rhymes and stories


Kanika Bhatia

Playbees has Educational games, Nursery Rhymes, Classic Stories, Read aloud books and Flip books. Sargun is enjoying while learning and we love watching her learn. You can download & get the same for your kids.


Geraldine Exconde

Cyan's favourites include ABCs, numbers, painting, matching fruits, vegetables, listening stories via Audio Books. One of the best ways to teach kids ABC's & 123 numbers is through fun educational games!


Manisha Ramlani

We encourage Tarush to learn from all the mediums. Recently I came across FirstCry PlayBees that is fun learning app for kids. It has Rhymes, Stories, Alphabet tracing, word formation, colours, animals & more.


Alexandra Gamayao

I love how Gab really focuses and enjoy playing drums, feeding animals, listening to their nursery rhymes especially his favourite baby shark song. Your kid will surely enjoy using this as It is 1000+ learning games!


Apoorva Mehta

Meera loves to dance on the tunes after she completes each game. Fruit matching game is her favourite. It has parental controls like swipe-close and maths based locking system which I personally found very unique!


Aralei Ampongan

Nyjah enjoys popping balloon and Easter eggs. When she finishes the game, she starts dancing to the congratulatory song. The app is easy to navigate, divided as per category age wise which makes it easy to use.


Diya A Ravlani

Kids are gaining knowledge through e-learning and so we allow them to have screen time. PlayBees does a good job with 1000+ fun activities, games, stories, rhymes that help Kids in early learning!


Hazel Pereira

Covid pandemic has got many of us into homeschooling our kids. It has helped my child learn abcs, numbers, animals through fun games. My little one is learning new words everyday, thanks to PlayBees!


Vibha Shinde

It can be accessed on multiple devices and the developers add lots of content every week. They have read aloud fairy tales and moral stories for my rockstar. The flip books in the app give a feeling of real books!

@thehasmukhgirl's Blog

Faith Briar
United Kindom

PlayBees is great for academic growth, development, motor function. The odds are endless in ways your child can express through learning! Koltan is a big lover of songs and he navigates the app on his own!


Sarita Yadav

PlayBees is a complete package that has rhymes, songs, games, stories. My daughter is 3.5 years old and loves rhymes so much that she sings along with the app - it has become her favourite learning app!


Nilam gajjar

PlayBees has age wise content divided on the basis of difficulty levels. It has math - counting, addition, subtraction. They have popular moral story books, I use those as bedtime story reader for my little one!


Disha Vidhani

Navya has learned her first words like fruits, veggies, animals. She loves to sing "buckle my shoes" and loves the tunes. She is amazed with the bright characters in PlayBees. I love to see her learn in a fun way.


Karen Soriano

Jaecob & Jairus are having fun with: Pop the balloons, learn animals, Addition, Number picture puzzle, Colour the Animals, Crack the Easter egg (crack egg to see what number/ letter is inside), nursery rhymes!


Holly Brown
United Kindom

This is a fantastic app for screen time that supports child development. Avery loves shape matching puzzles & matching the object/word. It helps him in understanding words, its association & boosts his creativity!


Alexies J Carreon

Amanda enjoys colouring & painting time. She likes playing advance puzzles, matching games, brain games. She has started reading fairy tales and stories. She is improving her math skills with counting games!


Ruchi Tibrewal

Firstcry Playbees is perfect for both of us. Shubh's favourite is character building, brain games. Honestly, I don't have any objection to his screen time as it is boosting his brain growth & giving me my mee time.


Juliana Appiah

Nandi has read 10+ stories this weekend and absolutely enjoys the addition, subtraction, math puzzle games. Thereโ€™s no way to survive a lock-down without screen time. Turn your kid's screen time into learing time!


Jenn Decker
United States

It has a section called character building that discusses bullying, lying, using manners, how to handle hurt feelings - all to teach kids about good habits. I am impressed with it, best app to have for summer travel

Jathniele Dique

Oakley likes colours & animals. She has started identifying them. Every time she opens PlayBees, she'll ask to use one of them. All smiles & giggles every time she finishes painting or matching animals games.


Shruti Sinha

Kids can color alphabets, numbers, fruits, veggies, shapes. It helps to improve their hand-eye coordination. Graphics are really attractive, eye catchy and music is soothing. My little toddler loves PlayBees!


Priya Davis
United Kindom

PlayBees Kids Educational App came as a pleasant surprise. Loving the different features such as interactive story telling, fun games to help with maths, colours, reading and many more. Well done and thumbs up



PlayBees has games, stories, puzzles, numbers, fairy tales, brain games, matching games, books, shapes and colours! So it will grow with Arlo as he gets older. It is a great app for little ones to learn with games!


Famella Orcine

PlayBees is an early-learning educational app for preschoolers. This app helps develop different skills in a fun way. It has games, activities, songs, stories, rhymes to learn shapes, ABCs, 123, colouring and more.


Jennie L Villanueva

My son enjoys his colouring & playing time. It has storybooks that my kids love listening to. My son is improving his math solving skills. The app can be used by kids age 0 to 6 years old. Highly Recommended!