PlayBees Speaker Terms & Conditions

We at PlayBees, make products for kids and toddlers of all age groups. Under normal use and service, we warrant to the Buyer / User / Customer ("Consumer") of the Product that, for a period of 6 months from the invoice date ("Warranty Period"), the Product is free from manufacturing defects. The brand will at its sole discretion, repair or replace any defective Product or part(s) of the Product during the warranty period.

The device comes with a 6-month warranty on all parts, excluding accessories. This covers servicing/ repairs or replacing damaged parts.

This limited Warranty ONLY COVERS MANUFACTURING DEFECT AND does not cover ANY claims and/or damage ARISING from:
1) Misuse or tampering causes any product data/content loss.
2) Events outside FirstCry's control; failures due to fire, water damage, electrical disturbances; damages resulting from negligence or mishandling; usage for commercial, business, industrial, educational, or rental purposes.
3) Use manufacturer specified attachments/accessories only.
4) Product Handling:
A) Exposure of the product to excessive dust or heat (under direct sunlight, gas burners, heaters).
B) Liquid spills onto the device, as this could cause malfunction or could prove to be a fire hazard.
C) The device should not be cleaned with a wet cloth.
D) Pinching of the cord or walking on it when closer to the plug.
E) Submerging the device in water.
5) Battery Handling:
A) Exposing the battery to temperatures above 60°C
B) Causing mechanical shocks to the battery pack.
6) For any repair/service requirements, contact our customer care service.
Email: Contact Number: +91-135-3501241


The customer must bring the product to the Authorised Dealer at his/her sole cost and responsibility, along with the original invoice, as part of the carry-in warranty service.


Only Product specified by PlayBees is covered under this warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. The brand shall have the sole discretion to determine the kind of defect in the Product and whether the Product or the part of the Product is/are eligible for repair/replacement or not. As specified in the warranty details, it applies exclusively only during the the course of 6 months of purchase, and it is only applicable when a defect has arisen wholly or substantially, due to faulty manufacturing of the Product. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal handling or wear and tear of the Product. Damages caused by the Buyer / User / Customer modifying, attempting to repair, or otherwise altering the product will not be covered in this warranty. The Brand reserves the rights to change the warranty details at any time and without notice. Invoice is required for warranty claims.


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FirstCry PlayBees App for iOS - iPhone and iPad
FirstCry PlayBees App for Android - Google PlayStore